V/R: Bryan Acheampong to construct a six-unit classroom block for Kpando Gadza School

Bryan Acheampong, Member of parliament for Abetifi constituency and minister of state in charge of national security has pledge to construct a six unit classroom block for Kpando Gadza M/A primary school in the Volta region.

In his speech as a special guest at the school’s speech and prize giving day and educational fund launch, Mr. Acheampong pledged his support for the school.

“I would like to do something for Kpando in the area of education, if school authorities will permit me, I would like to construct a six-unit classroom block for this school in honour of my brother in law, Robert, who died 3years ago and was buried here in Kpando”

“We have noted the challenges as enumerated by the headmaster, I think they’re general challenges every educational institution in Ghana faces; books, toilets and the likes. When we get to that point I’ll contribute my quota” he said amidst clapping.

The MP adde that to achieve and improve quality education, all challenges that hinder it must be addressed, like high levels of school dropout and repetition (which results into low levels of transition and completion rates), poor school leadership, poor school hygiene and sanitation, use of drugs and unwanted pregnancies among others.

He added that the quality of education and education for all is one of the Government priorities and main actions to be achieved during their tenure.

Soon pupils and teachers of Kpando Gadza school will give a sigh of relief.

The Minister of state urged parents to take education of their wards seriously.

“In whatever you do and whatever you can do, make education of your wards a priority”.

He further reminder all gathered that quality education would contribute to making Ghana a knowledge based economy.


Source: abetificonstituency.com