Suminakese Electoral Area

The Suminakese Electoral Area consists of the following communities: Suminakses, Brafua,
Aduhema, Asikam, Asuoyaa, Mota Afri Krom, Mota Mireku, Mota Apiakrom, Mota Adukima, Mota
Kwaku Sasu and Nkwakwasem.
It has seven (7) polling stations:
1. Suminakese R/C Primary
2. Suminakese Presby Primary
3. Aduhema L/A JHS
4. Suminakese L/A Primary
5. Mota L/A Primary
6. R/C Primary School
7. Nkwakwasem NO 1 Day Care

The population of the whole Suminakese Electoral area is estimated to be about
3,000 people as per the population census of 2010 including men, women and children
and the number of registered voters in the Suminakese Electoral areas is about 2,600 people.