Pepease Electoral Area

Pepease Electoral Area has eight polling stations namely Pepease Post Office, Florence Osei JHS, Pepease Comm Centre, Pepease L/A Prim School,Pepease L/A JHS, Cultural Centre Pepease, Presby Prim School Pepease and Pepease R/C Prim School Polling Station and the registered number of voters for the whole electoral area is about 3000 people.


Pepease Electoral Area has a population of 3431 per 2010 population census.


Pepease’s approaches, from the direction of Abetifi has a vegetation of secondary forest and also of a teak plantation. It is on a mini plateau, which slops on one side towards the Afram-Volta lack,where the vegetation is tall grass. On another side it also slops, quite steeply, towards Bokuruwa, through secondary forest.


There is the ST. Dominic’s Senior High School, as well as Presby, D/A, Catholic and Cavalry Preparatory Basic Schools in town. Pepease is also the seat of the District Health and Education Office. The Clinic has a serene environment and a dedicated corps of workers.


The people are mostly peasant farmers cultivate foodstuffs such as cassava, plantain and cocoyam. There is also some level of cattle rearing, on the outskirts of town.

Pepease and its environs are suitable for cultivation of Irish Potatoes. These important activity, however, is hampered by the activities of millipedes and other pets. Elimination  or reduction of the destructive activities of these pets, would greatly boost the production of this product, which is in high demand especially by expatriates.


The picturesque scenery, and the cultivation of Irish potatoes, wood, if published, serve as irresistible attraction for tourists.


Pepease is the seat of the Kyidom Wing of the Kwahu Traditional Area. The Bretuo Clan is the ruling clan there.