Oframoase Electoral Area

Oframase – a farming community in the south East of Kwahu – emerged from the ashes of Aseseɛso – a hunting ground of the ancestress of Asakraka – Kwahu in the early years of 1900. When the Asante Kingdom was battling the British was pear – headed by Obaa yaa Asantewaa.

The buttress of the “Ofram” tree served as a home for the hunters whose efforts saw the emergence of the present day Oframase.

The surrounding land was fertile for farming therefore, more people followed the hunters and sooner the once odopowo – sheltering buttress gave way to an ever increasing population. The Kingship lineage of Asakraka was maintained. The Aduana lineage continued to rule here.

The first settlers were confronted with a lot of problems. Agricultural t5ools were costly and hard to come by. The little they could produce lacked ready market. Medical care wasn’t available, hence deaths were on the ascendancy. Poisonous snakes and wild animals had to battle with goods were by human portage.

However, things took a good turn from about mid twentieth century markets sprang up. The first lorry arrived to convey people and goods. The first local government school was built and certificated teachers sent to the schools.

Phenomenal development in sight. Electricity, Rural banking, Police Station and bole holes were built.

The people still need ready market for their produce job for the school leavers, loans to increase output and good roads for better living.



Mamfe is a small farming community which lies south east of Kwahu in the Abetifi constituency.

It has a scanty dwindling population.

It was founded by two hunters on the slopes of a hill lesechnig to Oframase in the mid nineteenth century.

There has been no lineage to the Mamfe throne. There wise and elderly are considered to rule. The first chief was said to be Opanyin Marfra a renowned hunter.

Mamfe has lived with its initial problems; low agricultural output; no local market, No toilet facility, and neither bore –holes for clean source of drinking water, or medical facility. The miniature town has never had any formal school of her own.

The village cries for social development or else it perish.