Nteso Electoral Area

Nteso was established in 18th century by the royal family that is Bretuo Clan from Asante Manpong led by Nana Yaw Amoako. It is between Kwahu tafo and Ankoma. Nteso Electoral Area has two Polling Stations Namely Anglican Primary School Polling Station and Durbar Grounds Polling Station.

POPULATION: Nteso is a town of about 1500 people.

TOPOLOGY: Nteso sites herself lowland with gentle slope and rocks.


Ideally Nteso is mainly a farming community 95% of the people there are farmers they grow crops ranging from Cassava, Cocoyam and Vegetables. 5% of the the population there are engaged in petty trading.


Nteso has a waterfall called Yaa ᴐmma Agoᴐso.


Nteso D/A Basic and Nteso Anglican Basic.