Nkwantanan Electoral Area

Nkwantanan Electoral Area has 6 polling Stations, Nkwantanan L/A Primary polling station, Sadan L/A primary Polling Station, Suntre RC polling Station Polling Station Hyewohoden Polling Station Hyewoden Market Center Polling Station and Dadease Polling Station.

POPULATION:  Nkwantanan has a population of 3780.


The major economic activity in Nkwatanan Electoral Area is Farming, Fishing and Trading, they cultivate maize, Cassava. Charcoal production is also a big business in Nkwatanan. 45% of the people there are engaged in Fish Farming. The female populist are engaged mostly in General trading, that’s buying and selling.


The mojor tourist site in Nkwatanan is called Kwabena Bena, is is a river whose source is from rocks and all over the year water flows whether raining season or Dry Season.


Nkwantana Electoral Area is blessed with School

Nkwantana Presby Primary

Suntre R/C Primary

Hyewoden Primary and JHS