Bokwuruwa Electoral Area


The town is predominantly farmers who grow most crops like maize, cassava and groundnut.


There are two main institutions in the town, Bokuruwa Presby Primary School and Bokuruwa District Assembly Junior High School.

The town is blessed with tourist attraction site called Oku Abena Water Fall and Abosram Water Fall.


Politically, the town is a complete electoral Area. There are three polling station in the electoral area; Community Centre, Durbar Ground and L/A primary.


The founding fathers of bukuruwa belonged to an Agona Clan who lived at Denkyira Mmorobemu. During the Asente- Denkyira war in 1701, they assisted their clan brother Ntim Gyakari in order to avoid reprisal when the Asantes defeated Ntim Osei.

Among the party of Emigrants from Denkyira Mmorobemu were his nephew Kwao Baadu and Okomfo Kwasi Titee. They journeyed south –east until they reachd the Kwahu scarp. They first settled at Apraku, before they moved to Anhweam.

The first King of the land died due to old age he was NANA OSEI TWUM and was succeeded by NANA KWAOW BAADU, the new king took plans for resettlements soo they resettled on a land which is named Obo Kuruwa meaning stone jar, since the area has good natural resources. The Word Obo Kuruwa which was the original name became corrupted and the called it BUKURUWA that’s how Bukuruwa came about. It has been ruled by 22 kings. It is believed that BUKURUWA is one of the oldest Towns in Kwahu.

NANA OSEI TWUM I, NANA KWAO BAADU I, NANA ADOM OPUNU I this are some of the past kings of Bukuruwa who helped build the town to this stage.


Kwahu Bukuruwa is sited on one of the plateau of the Kwahu Scarp, it is a hilly town with lots of slopes


There is one major tourist site in bukuruwa which is the Oku Water falls.

Oku Falls


The town is made of 1634 as per the 2010 population Census.