Akwasiho Electoral Area

Akwasiho Electoral Area has seven (7) polling stations namely Danyansa, Presby, J.H.S, Omanmu, CMB, R/C, Osuwuro, and Kwame Agyei Polling Station and the registered number of voters for the whole electoral area is about 2000 people.


Akwasiho Electoral Area has a population of 3247 per 2010 population census.


The land area comprise secondary forest on hilly slopes and valley. In between the hilly land and the valley is the River Pra that takes it source from the mountains at Akwasiho. The River Pra passes through the Akwasiho Township to the main Kumasi- Accra Highway.


Institutions that can be found at Akwasiho are schools, (Presby Primary and J.H.S, R/C Primary and J.H.S and one Private school God’s Way Int. School, Clinic (CHPS compound) and an abandon Railway station. There are about five licenses Cocoa buying companies operating in Akwasiho.


The people of Akwasiho Electoral area are mostly peasant farmers who are into the cultivation of cash crops like cocoa and oil palm. Some are also into cultivation of food crops such as banana, plantain, cocoyam, maize, cassava and vegetables.

We also have some people who engage in trading activities and also some few artisans.


The Pra River takes it source at Akwasiho which can be developed into Tourist site which will attract people from all over the world. At source the water drops from the mountain into a basin which run over before it meander its way down stream. It is a very attractive site every potential Tourist would like to see.

The road network from Akwasiho Junction to Hwehwe is in a very deplorable state which needs very urgent attention if the full potential of Tourism is anything to talk about.


The people of Akwasiho migrated from Juaso in the Ashanti Region. They were led by a woman called Attaa Biama, who first made a stop over at present day Nkawkaw.

She then moved to a place called Atwediemu where she met one Asiedu Boafo who was the Krontihene of Pepease. They got married and blessed with seven children, two male and five female. The first male child was named Kwasi Darfour who founded Akwasiho. He subsequently became the first chief of Akwasiho.

The five female children migrated to Abetifi, Pepease, Twenedrase, Aduamoa and Bukruwa. The underlisted persons are past and present chiefs of Akwasiho.

  1. Nana Kwasi Darfour
  2. Nana Kwadwo Afari
  3. Nana Saara
  4. Nana Ntiamoah
  5. Nana Afari Diawuo
  6. Nana Darfour Sefa
  7. Nana Opoku Afari Kesseku
  8. Nana Obeng Darfour (Present Chief)

Chiefs of Akwsiho are selected from the descendant of Attaa Biamah from either Twenedrase, Abetifi, Bukuruwa, Aduamoa and Pepease.