Ahinase Electoral Area

Electoral Area

Ahinase Electoral Area,  Comprises with 3 polling stations, Ahinase L/A prim, Bonkrase L/A prim, polling station and Anweamu Tokorom polling station.

The total population of the electoral area we’re about 1340.

Male adult 500 Female adult 840

History of Ahinase

Ahinase town come in existence in 1812. It was magrated from Dump onso near Asakraka due to their success in war against the Ewes the battle was fought between the Adontenhene &Ewes it was during the period of Ahinase hene koampata was given the title as koampata because he was able to fight & rescue the Adonten hene frm the Ewes custody. That was the Atalaflao war.

Their land of inhebitant was given to them as a reward from rescuing Adontenhene.

Auther marriatal status Ahinasehene is brother -in -law to Adontenhene since Adontenhene is the husband of Afua besiw a brother of baadu koampata.

Economic Activity

Ahinase is a farming and fishing community, crops produce

groundnut, maize, cassava, yam, pepper,etc fishing


Basic school KG 1 to Basic 6, Ahinase D/A Primary school, Bonkrase D/A primary school, Anweamu D/A primary school