Aduamoah Electoral Area

Aduamoa Electoral Area has four [4] polling stations namely

Aduamoa Post Office, Comm Centre Aduamoa, Aduamoa Presby Primary

And Aduamoa information centre and the registered number of voters for the hole

Electoral area is about 1571 people.


Aduamoa Electoral Area has a population of 3000 per 2010 population census.


The vegetation here is of secondary forest and tall grassland on land that

Climbs up to hills beyond which lies Obo. There is an uncompleted road also leads to Obo.


The higher institution here is the Methodist Girls Senior High School.

There are also number of basic schools.


Residents of this electoral area are mostly farmers. However there are traders as well.

There is a good market structure at Aduamoa where people buy and sell. There are also shops and drinking spot in town.


Large tracts of land are available around the town, which are suitable for farming activities.

Aduamoa is known to be the area for the production of quality tiger nuts.


Aduamoa is the seat of the Benkum Division of the Kwahu Traditional Cancil, and the last occupant of the seat is Nana Onini Afari II.