Adonten Hene

Nana Asiedu Rexford is the name of Kwahu – Abetifihene Okwahu adontenhene and acting Okwahumanhene. Nana is having Obaapanyin Eno Agyapomaa and Opanyin Agya Nyarko as the biological parents.

Nana Abetifi as he is usually called started his education at Abetifi Anglican and later completed at Mpraeso Senior High School. Nana is again having the name “Nana Kwahu” attached to his name because he is a Wednesday born. Nana started business with his father after complexion of his education at Accra. Beginning, they were trading in iron rods and later begun to established his own business which he was dealing in all kinds of building materials and was farming alongside his business.


Nana Asiedu, became enstooled as the chief of Abetifi on the Nine tips (90’s) and since then he has rulled for about twenty six (26 yrs.). He is from the royal home of Etena Bretuo because the mother Obaapanyin Eno Agyapomaa is from the Bretuo house, it gives him the mandate to become the chief of the Abetifi land and the father Opanyin Agya Nyarko is also from the Oyoko home. He became the chief of Abetifi because, matrilineal inheritance is been practice as far as the Akan tradition is concern or demands.


He is a calm, Genetic, Intelligent and energetic man who is always ready to welcome anybody who come to his presence for need, advice etc. currently, he is the Okwahu adontehene meaning “He is the one that leads others to the battle field and also the stool name of Abetifi is also termed to us “AKYEMFUOR” which is also means the “SHIELD” meaning a round thing which were been put at the hand when going to the battle field. So the name of the current Abetifi is called”NANA AKYEMFOUR ASIEDU AGYEMANG III” and the stools emblem “KRABOA” is also LEPARD.

Abetifi can boast of so many towns and villages that rules under it such as, Akwasihu, Bokuruwa, Ahinase, Sadan and among others and also a huge scale of fertile land and forest.


Nana Akyemfuo Asiedu Agyare III is a man of two wives with a number of children living outside the country and within the country.


Nana has been able to established from creth to Tertiary level of education through donations, supports and funds from elsewhere during his tenure of office which Kwahuman can boast of. Also the Abetifiman can also boast of the furnished building (palace) which cases of the towns interest are held at.