Abene Electoral Area

Abene Electoral Area has four polling stations namely Atta ne Atta, Demano, Abene Methodist  Prim and Abene Methodist JHS and the registered number of voters for the whole electoral area is about  850 people.


Abene Electoral Area has a population of 1037 per  2010 population census.


Abene town is situated in valley, and is surrounded by Abetifi and Suminakese  on elevated grounds and Hwehwee. To the east is another rang of hills, which may be wooded in the rainy season, and bare in the dry season, when bush fire burn the clothing  vegetation .


The Mthodist Basic School is the main one. There is however, a Clinic to serve the basic health needs of the people.


The inhabitants are mainly farmers, who cultivate the traditional crops. However there is some animal husbandry activities, mostly driven by Fulani Herdsmen.

There is a large tracts of land in the vicinity  which could be developed into agricultural plantations for the cultivation of mangoes, and other crops. Also the tourists sites could be properly develop to attract tourists.


Abene is the seat of the Kwahu Paramountey; the Palace of the Okwahuhene is situated here, as is that of the Okwahuhemaa.

The late Daasebre Akuamoa Boateng II, succeeded Daasebre Akuamoa Akyeampong, of the Royal Bretua Clan. The seat of the Omanhene’s Court, all major issues concerning  Okwahuman are determined  there.

The major tourist sites there include the old prison house, build by the colonial masters, and the sites in the hills to the east, reputed to have the spot from where an ancestor, Nana Ampong Agyei, was believed to have ascended in to sky, leaving his cover cloth in tree.